in the Eco Agrifood Challenge

  1. Complete your application form on the F6S platform.
    You can do so in English or in French.

    Reminder: Applications close July 20th, 2021

  2. You will be informed if you are selected for the final by August 31st, 2021

  3. If you are selected, you will be invited to take part in The Eco Agri-Food Final on September 28th and 29th, 2021 in Dijon, France


This event will include:

  • A demonstration of your innovation for the jury

  • A pitch contest to present your business project and its impact for the jury, European agrifood professionals and invited media (you can present your pitch in either English or French)

  • An opportunity to present your innovation and get direct feedback from the farming community

 4. The winners will be announced on September 29th, 2021 at the conclusion to the final.​

A few tips for optimising your application

  1. Complete all the questions in the application.
    You will be selected (or not) for the final on the strength of your written application.

  2. Read the information on the judging criteria below. This will give you ideas for how to present your innovation in the best light.

  3. Feel free to contact us for any questions or for advice on the selection and judging process.

Contact: Kévin André, Vitagora


What the jury is looking for

Your innovation must be at or beyond the proof of concept stage and can be a technology, food product or ingredient, expertise or organisation model, able to address the problems of farmers, manufacturers, retailers or consumers of human or pet food in favour of accelerating the transition towards agroecology.


Your company’s activity should fall into at least one of these groups of solutions:

  • A technology or equipment 
    Decision support tools, specialised equipment or technologies etc. addressing the needs of farmers

  • Expertise in experimental practices
    Your expertise allows farmers to achieve a measurable agro-ecological benefit

  • Primary products
    The products you produce allow for crop diversification, substitutes or alternatives with a reduced environmental impact

  • An organisation model of a sustainable supply chain For example, you make and sell an innovative food product and have structured a supply chain of sustainable ingredients

  • Communicating to consumers 
    Your solution drives consumer interest and sales of products benefitting from sustainable agricultural


Your innovation can be a B2B or a B2C solution and can address the needs of one or more of the following types of players:

  • Agricultural production: farmers and other players active in producing primary food products

  • Harvest, storage, transport: players involved in harvesting, storing and transporting primary food products

  • Processing: companies involved in the manufacturing of food products for human consumption or petfood

  • Communicating and selling: companies involved in food retail, and consumers


Finalists and contest winners must stand out from the crowd in terms their innovative qualities (compared to solutions already on the market) and business potential, as well as their coherence with the following critera: 

  • Environmental: presenting a positive impact in terms of reducing the impact of agrifood productions on the environment and on the consumption of natural resources

  • Economic: presenting a positive impact in terms of value creation or an increase in efficiency for the user/client

  • Social: presenting a positive impact in terms of social cohesion or social equity

Finally, applications will be evaluated on their potential to benefit from acceleration and development support provided in the prize packages, especially for the "special prizes" providing free access to the ToasterLAB acceleration program.


Any questions?

Contact us for any queries about the Eco Agrifood challenge.

+33 3 80 78 97 91